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Fiberglass structural profiles - Fiber glass ladder
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perfil redondo D ROUND SECTION PROFILES (D) mm 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 32, 40
Fiberglass structural profiles Dxd TUBES (D x d) mm 8x4, 10x5, 12x6, 15x10'5, 16x12, 20x15, 22x17, 25x20, 28x22, 32x27, 40x35, 50x43, 50x40, 60x50, 75x69, 100x80x10, 110x100, 150x130
Fiberglass structural profiles axb PLATES (a x b) mm 9x2'5, 15x3, 15x4'5, 18x2'5, 30x3, 30x4, 30x6, 40x3, 40x4, 50x5, 75x4, 100x5, 200x3
Fiberglass structural profiles axbxc ANGLES (a x b x c) mm 25x25x2'5, 30x30x3, 40x40x3'5, 50x50x5, 75x75x5, 100x100x10
Fiberglass structural profiles U axbxc "U" PROFILES (a x b x c) mm 22x20x3, 36x40x4, 40x20x3, 42x40x5, 50x25x3, 75x35x5, 100x50x5, 200x80x8
Fiberglass structural profiles axbxc RECTANGULAR TUBES (a x b x c) mm 25x20x2'5, 30x25x2'5, 30x28x2'5, 30x30x3, 40x40x3'5, 50x50x3, 50x50x5, 60x50x4, 60x50x5, 70x28x3, 75x65x5, 100x50x4, 120x60x3, 150x25x2
Fiberglass structural profiles Doble T axbxc DOUBLE "T" (a x b x c) mm 50x50x4, 100x100x8, 250x120x12



Our customer requirements lead us to the development of new dies and profiles suitable for specific applications.

The development of a profile is made together with our customers, taking into account their needs, the required application specifications, and the possibilities of the pultrusion fabrication. This includes the geometry and section of the profile as well as the material composition.

Clients - Fiberglass structural profiles


Tramex is specially designed for more aggressive atmospheres; this grating has very good characteristics: light weight, easy to ensemble and a long and lasting life.

It is built out of pultruded profiles, and it combines the mechanical properties of the glass fibre together with the resistance in corrosive atmospheres due to the thermo stable resins (isophtalic polyester or vinylesther).

Tremex pultruded fiberglass profiles

Because of the fact that it is a good electrical insulator, it is a very safe material, which also avoids from electrocution due to the absence of sparks out of electrostatic charges or metallic object impacts. The mechanical characteristics of these gratings offer a freestanding character that allows them to be supported only by the profile ends. The installation on site is made by means of a grinder of manual saw, with no release of incandescent particles. This fact, together with the low weight makes an easy and quick installation.

The application areas can be: Chemical Industry, Water Depuration, Can or Tin Industry, Electrical areas, Marine Atmospheres, Desalination Plants, etc.


This grating is manufactured by means of hand lay up, with resin and glass fibre, in a unique piece. This material continuity allows the possibility of cuttings (as for example for the pass of tubes), with no reduction of the mechanical properties, same for both directions.
The installation is really easy.
These gratings have a non-skid surface, (silica sand) in one of the sides, which is a great advantage in slippery paths.
The standard measures are:

Tremex pultruded fiberglass profiles

  • 38x38 mm Mesh, with a net hole of 31x31 mm. Standard plates of 1000x2000x30mm
  • 40x40 mm Mesh, Micro-meshed, with a net hole of 13x13 mm. Standard plates of 1007x2007x30mm
  • 40x40 mm Mesh, Micro-meshed, with a net hole of 8x8 mm. Standard plates of 3660x1220x30mm
  • As complement to the supply of standard plates, we are also offering a service of customized measures cutting.

These are really good in corrosive atmospheres as well as those places with electrical risk.


In this case, the advantages compared with the standard plastic gratings are very clear:

The humid atmospheres, solar light or big changes in temperatures may deal to a degradation of the plastic until its conversion into a brittle and fragile material. This fact may promote to accidents to the people in the swimming Pool due to the breakage of the grating.

Grating for swimming pool overflow - Pultruded fiberglass profiles

In case of composite gratings, the material characteristics minimize the degradation process, keeping all their properties unchanged. They also have a rough non-slippery surface, which ensures, even more, people integrity.

There gratings are made with a hollow profile with a bigger surface support than the industrial gratings.


The appropriate combination of glass fibre and thermo-stable resins enables the possibility of manufacturing a material with top qualities such as electric insulation.
Unlike wood, the composite is a homogeneous material, without porosity; it does not absorb the humidity and it is not affected by frost; for this reason, its durability is much higher. It can be mass pigmented with bright colours, with no need of application of an external paint that covers the defects of the material.

The possibility of construction out of hollow profiles allows, due to the mechanical characteristics of the glass fibre, lighter weight ladders, easier to handle than those of wood, and with no electrocution risk like the aluminium ones.

ladders fiberglass profiles

These ladders have a wonderful performance to electrical isolation and light weight, and have been developed due to the high exigencies of this professional sector.

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