Fiberglass structural profiles - Pultruded fiberglass profiles

Fiberglass ladders and handrail profiles

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Fiberglass structural profiles - Pultruded fiberglass profiles
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Abeki Composites, S.L., is a company that dedicates to the manufacturing of plastic profiles reinforced with glass fibber by means of Pultrusion and also to the manufacturing of products made out of pultruded profiles.
We are specialist in Fire retardant profiles, Halogen free, fulfilling all the European Standards and Class A finishing, used for automotive purposes.
All our products are made according to the UNE-EN 13706 'Composite materials for pultruded profiles' standard and following a UNE-EN 9001-2015 'Certified Quality Management' system.

We produce all type of profiles for common use (anticorrosive, Thermal Isolation, Transportation,..); we are specialist in Fire retardant profiles (M1-F1), the Euroclass (B-s2-d0 Halogen free) certificates and the profiles with Class A surface finishing, valid for Automotive, which provide a smooth surface suitable for direct paint.

Pultrusion Pultrusion - Pultruded fiberglass profiles

Pultrusion consists in pulling a glass fibber reinforcement, which has been pre-impregnated with a Thermo-stable resin (polyester, vinylester, acrylic, etc), through a hot die. The heating promotes the resin polymerization forming up the profile when it is getting colder.

By means of this method, they can be made hollow or full, straight, profiles, with a material of special characteristics, that highlights their properties in comparison with other materials.

Material Properties:
  • Fire Resistance
  • Light weight
  • Mechanic resistance
  • Electric and Thermal Isolation
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Transparency to Electromagnetic waves
  • Good surface Class A finishing
Application Areas:
  • Thermal Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Marine Atmosphere
  • Construction
  • Sport Installations
  • Agrarian Business
  • Chemical Industry

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